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Sending videos on WhatsApp is a handy feature, and it is effortless for the most part as it can compress large files into smaller ones that WhatsApp can quickly send to your friends or loved ones. However, since sharing videos on WhatsApp is so common, there is a widespread error that you might face. This error will show a pop-up and say, WhatsApp can’t send this video.

Believe most of you have everencountered this issue. So how can we do you fix whatsapp video not sending?


Don't worry about it a lot, in this article, we will go over all the available quick fixes to help you send the videos you want on WhatsApp successfully.

Part 1. Why Does WhatsApp Say Can’t Send This Media?

The main reason why your WhatsApp can't send this media is that the files you are trying to send have too large cache for its servers. While most of the time, this is not an issue because WhatsApp compresses the media in the first place, sometimes the file can be too large for compression, resulting in an error.

Besides, it's possible that there are something wrong with your WhatsApp app or your phone devices, which still can cause your WhatsApp can't send this media normally. Poor networks connection maybe another reason that influences you send media on WhatsApp.

Whatever which reason you are facing with, the following methods can help you troubleshoot this issue and you can send any media you want smoothly and normally as before.

Part 2. How Can I Fix WhatsApp Can’t Send This Video Issue?

As the Part 1. puts forward to several reasons about your whatsapp not sending videos, so this part will give you a clear explaination to fix WhatsApp can't send this video issue. To be honest, it's not as difficult as you imgaine to fix this error only if you use the correct method. Now let's find them out.

1. Update or Reinstall WhatsApp

This is the most common fix, and it will help the most amount of people. Updating your WhatsApp and possibly reinstalling it will allow WhatsApp to have all the resources it needs to be able to compress the video properly.

For Android device: Go to Play Store, Search WhatsApp Messenger, then select UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger.


For iPhone deivce: Go to App Store, Search WhatsApp Messenger, then select UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger.


2. Use Stronger Network Connection

Sometimes you may be connected to a poor Wi-Fi or unstable network. In this case, you should to connect a stronger wifi environment or change another more stable network. Besides, if you have one network, try restarting your router.And then try sending the video you want on your WhatsApp to see if the issue has solved.

3. Check Video Size

If your the video you are sending has too overwhelming cache for your phone server, then you may fail to send it. Therefore you need you check how size your video has, if the size is too large, then you can try to compress your video and send it on your WhatsApp again,

To check your video is small enough for WhatsApp to compress on iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Photos > Review Personal Vif deos.

To do the same process on Android, you must go to the Gallery app, select the video you want to use, and click on the Information Button.

4. Send Video as A file

This step works on both iPhone and Android. To bypass the video limit, you can send videos as a file. To do this, click the + icon Next to the chat bar, Select Document, and send the video you want to use. If you would like to send video as any other formats, we still have good method to help you out, which you can check in the last part.

5. Fix Video Compatibility Issues

There is a low chance this will help you, but it may help you send custom-made footage to someone. WhatsApp doesn’t support all video formats. It only supports MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, and MOV files. If your video isn’t one of the ones listed, you should try converting it to an online converter.

6. Use the Correct Time Settings

WhatsApp relies on the correct time to be able to send messages that align with its server. To ensure you are at the right time, you should make your time settings correct.

For Android users, you can go to Settings > System > Date & Time > Set timezone automatically.


For iPhone users, you can go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Set automatically.


7. Your SD Card Could Be the Culprit

If nothing has worked so far, it may be your phone's SD card. You can try to reformat the SD Card. However, this rarely works and can be a painstakingly long process. Your best option is to buy a new SD Card.

8. Clear WhatsApp Cache

Sometimes WhatsApp can have a huge backlog of temporary files stuck up in their system, which can cause delays and problems in sending WhatsApp videos.

For iPhone users: Select General > iPhone Storage > WhastApp > Offlaod App.


For Android users: Go to Settings > Apps & notifications> WhatsApp > >Storage & cache > CLEAR CACHE.


9. Keep WhatsApp Open (iPhone Only)

Sometimes, WhatsApp has not been given enough time to get all the files it needs for the video to send. Leave WhatsApp open and continue trying to send the video to whoever you desire.

10. Enable Background App Refresh (iPhone Only)

There is still a quick fix for iPhone uses if you have tries all the method referrd previously. WhatsApp needs access to its running processes in the background to operate normally. To Enable Background App Refresh on iPhone, simply go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > On


11. Force Close App (Android Only)

If you are using Android device, WhatsApp may not have closed or appropriately opened, which can still cause your WhatsApp can't send videos. So go to Force Close the App, just click Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Force Stop. Then you can give it a try to check if you can succeed in sending video on WhatsApp.


Bouns Tps: How to Export WhatsApp Chats with Media to File Formats?

Now you have solved the stuck of your WhatsApp can't not send video with the 11 fixes mentioned previously. However, sometime you may would like to export and keep all your whatsApp chats with media safely or you wonder you send them to your friends. At that time, you will think about how can you export all your WhatsApp chats including media to file formats?

There is WooTechy WhatsMover coming into your eyes, which is an official and professional WhatsApp export tool with a fast developing speed in the recent years. This tool not only allows you to export all your WhatsApp chats with media, documents and other attachments to varioue formats like PDF, CSV, XLS, but also support to export all of them at a time at once to save tons of time for you.

WooTechy WhatsMover-- Export All Your WhatsApp Chats with Media to File Format




  • Able to smoothly export WhatsApp/WA Business data on iPhone and Android phones, such as all major brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and more.

  • Available to export your WhatsApp chats to PDF, CSV, XLS and read them as a log file without any limitation.

  • Export the WhatsApp chats with over 40,000 messages to file format at a time immediately.

  • Support to export all the WhatsApp data, including chats, images, videos, documents and more.

  • Ensure to protect all the chats privacy during the whole export process with a high success rate.

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Export WhatsApp chats with medida to file formats in Simple Steps:

Step 1 Install WooTechy WhatsMover on your computer and open this tool. Choose Back Up WhatsApp on Devices from the left screen. Then connect your Android or iPhone to the computer.

backup WhatsApp data

Step 2 Once the device is detected, click on Back Up. It won’t take long for backup to get completed.

WhatsApp backup with WhatsMover

Step 3 After successfully backing up WhatsApp data, select Restore/Export WhatsApp Backup on WhatsMover panel. Just select the backup you have just created and click on the Export to Computer button below.

choose WhatsApp backup

Step 4 You may get a preview of the files and select WhatsApp Chats. Lastly, choose the file format you like in the save as column and click Export. The WhatsApp data will be exported in file format immediately.

export WhatsApp to PDF using WhatsMover



In this article, we explained to you why it gives the WhatsApp Can’t send this video error and how to fix it with 11 useful methods. We also showed you a handy tool that everyone should have, named WooTechy WhatsMover. It is very convenient for you to export all your WhatsApp chats with media to file formats you want, and it is excellent for keeping your data safe.

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